Slide Out Shelving For Your Home and Office

"Slide Out" shelves are a lot more than just another product attempting to make your life easier. In fact, when you install "Slide Out" shelving in your home they play a large part in helping to organize your life. Because when you finally decide to install "Slide Out" shelving you will be amazed at the transformation. I wish I had a nickel for every time a new cliet said to me right after they had their "Slide Out" shelves installed, "I didnt even know that was in my cabinet" or "I haven't seen that in years".

We install top quality shelving and storage solutions and our "Glide-Out" shelf is no different. It is constructed from 1/2 inch thick solid Birch, a Melamine bottom panel and solid steel rails. It will hold up to 100lbs and is GUARANTEED for life.

And it's all designed to make the transformation!

Scott Becker - owner